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Pivot Hawks Manila, Inc. was provided a contract to manufacture a previously designed optical scan voting machine. These machines are used to run paper ballots over an optical scanning bar, transferring voter data information to digital memory. In the course of our planning and initial manufacturing, we identified numerous areas to decrease the cost and to improve the performance of the voting machine. Due to our reputation for providing excellent design and manufacturing services and our successful initial manufacturing, our company was afforded single responsibility over this redesign project, being placed solely in charge of managing all components of the newly renovated unit, from design to deliverability.

Our design engineers worked closely with both the client and our manufacturing plant to identify key design issues in the original device that caused overall performance difficulties, while examining any features for which we could provide a more economical solution. Working closely with supply chain and other manufacturing personnel, we ensured that any final design used only the most cost-saving parts that were readily available. We also made sure that any final design was production "friendly." Our supply chain personnel evaluated all vendors on-site to ensure the high quality of all purchased components, while our manufacturing staff provided much-needed feedback to our product development and quality control team.

By working together to come up with an integrative solution, we were able to successfully redesign our client's optical scan voting machine. By revamping the circuits, paper transport assemblies, and system enclosures of each unit, and using less expensive, more readily available parts, we were able to develop a new model scanner that possessed improved performance capability and field service accessibility.

Moreover, this new unit provided our clients with significant savings, lowering labor and material costs by over 42 percent over the course of the product life.

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